A career practitioner, or a career counsellor is the person who will give you right advice and guidance on job-related decisions. People utilise career counselling when they are not sure about what they will do in the future, and how they can grow in their career, or simply find a place to get started. A career counsellor also helps in finding the right job depending upon your qualifications along with modifying your CV and giving you interview training, if needed.

Post-pandemic, many people left their job or were displaced from their previous employment. Whether the decision to leave employment was forced or not, there are big decisions to make. The changing demand of job seekers have driven many to take help from a employment guidance expert who will help in many ways. If you are not sure what the next step will be, you can look for Career Guidance Career Counselling in New Zealand.

Why you need to engage a Career Guidance Counsellor?

A Career Counsellor is the professional who helps and guide people to find the right job that fits their skills and career goals. Career counsellors provide the right knowledge about the available jobs, also give suggestions on resumes and job search training, through to advice on career shifts. A Career Coach also fills the role of traditional counsellor and listens to the client with compassion. Career counsellors provide a wide range of consulting services depending upon the need of clients.

How do you Choose A Career Counsellor?

As there are lots of individuals who claim to be career counsellors, it is up to you to do your research and to choose the best one for you. Here are some of the factors you need to check while choosing a career counsellor-

  1. Check Their Reputation And Knowledge

One of the best ways to find a competent counsellor is to look for the one who is reputed and has well knowledge in the field.  Ask around friends, family and colleagues for advice.

  1. Do Not Forget To Check The Credentials

As like you are choosing the Career Counsellor in New Zealand, when you are choosing the career counsellor, do not forget to check their professional accreditation.  They should be a member of CDANZ.

  1. Consulting Fees

Some counsellors charge in every session by hourly rate, whereas some have a package fee. So, when you are choosing the career counsellor, be sure that you ask for the consulting fees at first so that it will help you to make the right decision.

  1. Way Of Coaching

When choosing the career coach, be sure to check the way of coaching the person is offering. Some provide online coaching, whereas some provide face-to-face depending upon the requirements. Be sure to choose the one that fits your criteria.

At People HQ, you can have assistance from our qualified and well-regarded  career counsellor in house, to make the right decision for you.  Consult with the team now!