The CV or Curriculum Vitae plays an important part in getting your profile noticed. No matter how well you are doing in your career, you need to have a clear, well-written and sound CV that will immediately make you stand out from the crowd.  Your CV is not just your career portfolio, but also demonstrates how professional you are, and how you have grown in your career over time.  If you are not getting shortlisted, it is the time to update or upgrade.

Take some time to categorize the points you need to include in the CV. You should concentrate on what the recruiter needs to know. If you are unable to produce it on your own, you can also follow New Zealand CV templates from reputable sites with templates and samples to design the CV that perfectly fits you. If you can customise the CV so it is not a direct copy of a template, your recruiter will see some original work.  There are several points you need to put in the CV which will help you to get interviews faster. If you have a professional CV, you will be noticed faster than others and get interviews more easily.  When applying for roles, you can be competing against hundreds of other applicants.

Key things to remember when developing your CV

  • Keep the Word Count Down

When you are writing the CV, make it clear from your side with all the details, your job roles, your strong points, weaker points (if applicable), your career map and academics, but make sure that it is not too lengthy. A short yet informative CV makes it easy for the reader to skim information to see if you have the capability to do the job. Writing the CV is not like writing a long content with details, it is all about showing your skills, knowledge, and qualifications in a concise manner.

  • Avoid Paragraphs

When you are writing the CV, be sure that you avoid writing paragraphs and concentrate on bullet points. Giving points or bullets in the CV provides quicker readability.  Remember, you can expand your points in an interview. The HR team will find it easy to check your abilities clearly spelled out, rather than checking through whole paragraphs which becomes either confusing or time consuming.

  • Have a Clear and Interesting Format

At our Rotorua CV Service, we state CVs should have a proper formatting with colourful pops and designs that will immediately attract the recruiting team. The formatting should be nice, with good use of white space, and should look professional in every aspect.

  • Avoid Using Bad Words and Common Templates

Want to get noticed faster than others? You should avoid using “bad words” or common templates and write professional points to make your CV rank higher than the other candidates. If your CV is screened by recruitment software, your key words are critical in ensuring your CV ends up in the review category, not decline!

As the professional team at PeopleHQ say, it is always ideal to use the right keywords in your CV so that you get easily noticed by the recruitment team. You should be clear with your words and capabilities. Want to have guidance on how to write a compelling CV? Take help from PeopleHQ now.