Setting goals isn’t a new idea. The concept of goal setting has been around long since our era and dates back to when Greek philosopher Aristotle identified that “purpose causes action”.

Goal setting is a key tool of any manager or a business owner. They are a proven method for engaging and motivating employees. They help guide improvement in employee performance and are also shown to boost employee confidence and contribute to positive organisational outcomes.

So, how do you set goals that drive performance? We have some tips on setting goals that will motivate and engage your employees.

Include employees in the goal-setting process. By bringing employees into the conversation, they are more likely to buy into the goals and the vision and be invested in the process from the beginning.

Connect employee goals to larger workplace goals. For goals to be meaningful to employees, it is helpful for them to see how they are tied into larger company ambitions. Goal alignment is crucial in ensuring that they know they are working towards results that matter.

Create a plan. Once a goal is set, get your employee to break it down into tasks and smaller objectives that need to be met along the way, especially if it is a long term goal. Consider the challenges that may arise along the way when working to reach the goal. This will help give them an understanding of how to manage time and what resources may be needed.

If things go wrong. Priorities can change, jobs reshuffled, or team dynamics shift. The goals you set at the start of the year may no longer be relevant by the middle of the year. But that’s okay; change is normal and expected in business. The key is to not stress over the changes but to adapt and adjust goals to ensure they stay relevant to the business.

Goals help align a business, give people something tangible to work towards and challenge them to raise their standard of work.

By creating actionable goals for your business, you can help your team assess where you are currently and where you want to go.

If you want any assistance on creating goals that will help track performance in your business, feel free to get in touch with the team at peopleHQ.