Most have been there, some more regularly than others. A little overindulgence over the weekend can be problematic when it comes to going to work on Monday (or any other day of the week for that matter).

Current societal challenges have seen an increase in liquid escapes, and this is having an impact on workers.

Let’s look at your obligations as an employee, and some realistic ways to help you make it through a hangover day on the job.

The Fine Print

As an employee, you have good faith obligations which means you need to be a good sort and put your total effort into your role and you need to honest. If your slow and groggy day is a once off, your employer might be understanding and cut you some slack. However, they don’t have to. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, you also have an obligation to turn up fit and able for work, not putting yourself or anyone else in harms way. For some people, this could be quite serious e.g. operating machinery, or getting a tie stuck in the shredder!

Be mindful of abusing sick leave, misappropriating leave can escalate to a performance or disciplinary issue quickly and you may find yourself in a bit of hot water (water is better for you anyway).

If it happens though…

Breakfast is King

Following a shower to get rid of the alcohol sweat, don’t reach for the grease! Eggs contain cysteine, it helps you metabolise bad stuff in your body, give them a go. You can try some vitamin c and fruit like bananas will give you potassium to help with that bit of dehydration causing you grief.

Coffee dehydrates, so try a tea instead, if you have to. Hit that nutrition like a boss!

Set up your Environment

Today might be the day when you need to dim your computer screen. Stark bright white may be a challenge. Consider noise levels and being near smells which may set you off (which could be a challenge depending on your job!).

Prioritise Well

Don’t put off meetings and deadlines that is going to annoy your team. Try to work on some tasks which may be a bit gentler on your headspace. Plan hefty tasks for you to pick up the next day, which is when of course, you are going to put in 120% effort to make up for lost time!

Mistakes happen, sometimes we get caught in the moment and regret it later. If you think you may have a drug or alcohol problem, talk to your employer about getting assistance through an employee support programme. If you are an employer with troublesome employees, talk to us about how we can help you manage the process.